Off-Broadway West Theatre Company’s first production, “Fiction,” is a very intriguing play by Steven Dietz, a play that captivates and surprises and satisfies. This first production, under the direction of Richard Harder, is hard-edged and thought-provoking, with brilliant twists and turns, very aggressive verbal interaction, and stinging repartee between all three characters.”
— Charles Jarrett, Critics Circle, Rossmoor News 2/28/2007


Fiction by Steven Dietz is an exploration of relationships under stress. This intensely realized production takes the audience directly and succinctly into the life of a married couple, along with his dalliance, her disease and their literary aspirations. The story is engrossing, the characters are appealing, but the plot complications are surprising.”
— Albert Goodwyn, Critics Circle, San Francisco Bay Times 3/1/2007

“This play will hold you riveted from the time the klieg lights begin to glow until the cast has taken their final bows or curtsies.  Dietz makes excellent use of language: like a marine mammal trainer at Sea World, Dietz gets English to jump through flaming hoops”
— Jeffrey R Smith of the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle 3/112007

In addition to a literate script and first-rate acting - especially by Joyce Henderson in the key role of Linda - the production also introduces the recently organized Off Broadway West Theatre Company (OBW) to an already bustling downtown entertainment scene. OBW's three-member cast, given sensitive direction by one of the company's founders, Richard Harder, responds beautifully to the challenges of Dietz's script. As noted earlier, Joyce Henderson (until recently the artistic director of Chico's Shakespeare in the Park) is a force of nature as Linda Waterman. Her resonant voice fills the theater as she conveys every facet of her character's growing anguish in minute detail. Tall, bearded, a softer, more sympathetic personality, Michael Medici is the perfect match as her wayward husband. A vibrant Jennifer Bareilles completes the trio. "Fiction" gets this new company up and running.
— Charles Brousse, Marin Independent Journal and San Francisco Bay Critics Circle 3/13/2007

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